Our Specials And Location


As shown in the above image, one of this week's specials, allows you to save a huge $2.50 per Kg, on one of the most valueable meats on the market. We don't just stop there, were are providing you with a receipe that uses this fantastic piece of meat, on page 7, and you knowing that you are saving $2.50 on it too. How spectacular is that?

Who doesn't love corn? With this highly resourceful weekly special, you can cook the corn and give it to the kids as an after-school nutritional snack, or pack it to school for a healthy snack to eat at recess. You are paying LESS THAN $1.00 per corn. How good is that? This among one of our best specials, on such a high quality, nutritional and tasty product. Come in QUICK before we are all sold out!

The delicious Thin's chip, we purchase are amongest the best quality chips in the world. They contain less sugar, salt and fat however still tastes brillant. This is due to the fact, that we constantly pursue our search to find high quality products that contain minimal ingredients that are no good for our bodies. In this remarkable special we have on offer, you are purchasing this bag of chips for only HALF THE PRICE! They have been hand crafted to perfection, and have been baked beautifully rather than being fried with lots of oil. This is all apart of our job to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied! Hurry in, becuase this is limited time offer.


Not sure where we are located? Well, never fear we have implemented a Google Maps image, to inform you where we are located exactly, so that you can come down and see our WONDERFUL SHOP!